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Our Team

Mission Statement:

The Vires Law Group will zealously advocate for you and fight against lawlessness on your behalf.  What makes our practice different is personalized attention to your case and courage to fight the hard battles.

Rachel L. T. Rodriguez, Esq.

Founding Attorney Rachel Rodriguez received an undergraduate degree from Wheaton College in 1999 and a J. D. from Rutgers University School of Law in 2004. After graduating, she began her career in Washington, DC working with the Department of the Interior and interning at US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, where she assisted in drafting proposed legislation. Rachel then worked in DC on international Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and SEC private company investigations, until moving to a boutique firm where she became partner in 2014 and led the firm’s growth campaign into South Florida. Rachel is fluent in Spanish and sits on the board of non-profits committed to improving the lives of others. She believes that we are a nation whose underlying principle and aspiration is to live in peace as a society that promotes rule of law, truth, and honor toward one another.

Mimi Miller, Esq. 

Attorney Mimi Miller received an undergraduate degree from George Fox University and a J.D. from Penn State Dickinson Law School.  While in law school, Mimi published multiple articles in legal journals covering topics such as international human rights law violations, cyber law, healthcare law, and criminal law.  She also worked on projects and internships involving elder abuse education and legislation, defense of individual’s First Amendment Rights with the Pacific Justice Institute, and information warfare with U.S. Army Cyber Command.  After graduating law school, Mimi worked as a criminal prosecutor before moving to Florida and joining Vires Law Group as a Litigation Consultant. 

Mimi believes that we must fight to uphold the rule of law, for the truth to be made known, and for justice to prevail.